Advocacy for The Arts In Malaysia
Nurturing the city's arts and culture ecosystem, and encourage locals and visitors alike to savour the melting pot of art that pervades this beautiful city and beyond.
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Photo Credit: Pusaka
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Photo Credit: Pusaka
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for practitioners

Learn more about CENDANA's programmes specially created to increase the quality and opportunities of Malaysian works.
for corporate

Explore the opportunities in the arts, the potential return on those investments, and how to partner with an arts organisation.
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The Street is our Canvas
Meeting of Friends (M.O.F) is a collective that unites people via their mutual passion for graffiti. This video takes you on a short journey of how colourful creations are born in the heart of the city.
Let's collaborate

If you have an idea or a proposal that you think will help spur the cultural economy of Klang Valley, we'd love to hear it and see how we can add value to it.
Photo Credit: CENDANA Facebook
Photo Credit: CENDANA Facebook
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