• Meet our Malaysian administrator who will be in Adelaide soon!

    Our best wishes to KOE GAIK CHENG, who will be representing Malaysia in a professional development internship at Adelaide Festival Centre.

    Empowering the Communities

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  • Submit your arts events and activities to be promoted via Bandar Aktiviti Seni KL this August 2018!

    Submit before 5PM on 12 July 2018

  • Kongsikan acara dan aktiviti seni anda untuk dipromosikan menerusi program Bandar Aktiviti Seni KL pada Ogos 2018.

    Hantar sebelum 5.00ptg pada 12 Julai 2018.

  • Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

    Maaf Zahir & Batin from CENDANA!

  • CENDANA TV : Mengapa Mereka 

    Visual artist and co-founder of Baju by Sharina, Sharina Shahrin shares why preserving traditional art forms like Malaysian batik is important to her.

  • Jiwa KL - The Venopian Solitude: Layar

    Catch The Venopian Solitude in Jiwa KL debut episode on CENDANA TV.

  • The Great Walls of Dubai

    Meet the eight Malaysian artists who transformed a district in Dubai into a kaleidoscope of colour and surrealism.

  • The Art of Conservation at Balai

    Get up close with Amerrudin Ahmad and his team behind the art of conservation work at they do at Balai.

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