When and where will the ACE – Special Effects Make-up Workshop for Performing Arts take place?

Date : 3 December 2022 (Saturday)
Time : 2:00pm – 5.00pm
Venue : Seminar Room 1, ASWARA.

CENDANA’s ACE – Special effects Make-up Workshop for Performing Arts workshop aims to provide a learning platform for actors, costume designers, cultural workers and make-up artists who are actively involved in Malaysian Performing Arts scene, to exchange knowledge and learn from one another about the best practices for production design in theatre and film.
The ACE Special effects Make-up workshop for Performing Arts is targeted to individual who focus of work within the performing arts sector. The pilot programme will run for a period of half-day long and will be conducted in three consecutive (3) hours. The workshop seeks to expand participants knowledge on specific aspect of stage design via understanding the technology, skills, and processes needed in making up performers for stage and screen. The objective of the programme is :

  • to raise awareness and share production design and make-up knowledge amongst performing artists;
  • to acknowledge the diverse professional and amateur make-up artists that practices within the back ends of the performing arts industry, and;
  • to encourage and support creative experimentations and nurture professional and innovative stage design practices.

The ACE Special Effects Make-up Workshop for the Performing Arts will be conducted physically in a lecture, (hands on sessions), presentations, networking session and mentors’ input/ feedback throughout group/ individual activity sessions. The workshop will seek to introduce participants the following key ideas;

  • Make-up & Special Effects Fundamentals;
  • Techniques and tools to develop special effects make-up and variations;
  • Practical session with live models, working with human skin;
  • Sharing of challenges, they have encountered in attempting to take their work abroad;
  • Future of make-up and production design for stage & screen.

Selected participants for the workshop will be provided with free make-up kit and a live model to work with during the workshop.
Please refer to Terms of Reference on more information on eligibility and how to apply. For further enquiries, please contact artedu@cendana.com.my

* CENDANA reserves the right to change any terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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