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A Country for Outliers

In a bid to empower the local arts and culture communities as well as to foster a regional cohort of research-centred cultural workers from the Southeast Asia region, CENDANA together with the Visual Art Programme, Cultural Centre, University of Malaya have organised an upskilling programme focusing on creative research namely, A Country of Outliers.

In this programme, participants will gain scholarly and practice-based knowledge through a series of site visits, workshops and renowned speakers including:-
  • Jo Kukathas, Malaysia’s pre-eminent writer, director and actress
  • Dr Atreyee Gupta, Assistant Professor of Global Modern Art, South and Southeast Asian Art in the History of Art Department at the University of California, Berkeley
  • Sugata Ray, Associate Professor of South and Southeast Asian art in the History of Art Department at the University of California, Berkeley.
  • Cosmin Costinas, Executive Director and Curator of Para Site, Hong Kong
  • Inti Guerrero, Artistic Director of Bellas Artes Projects, Manila and the Estrellita B. Brodsky Adjunct Curator of Latin American Art at Tate, London.
  • Michelle Kuek, Manager of Education and Outreach in NUS Museum
  • Kate Pocklington, a conservator at Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum
  • Grace Samboh, curator, researcher for Hyphen, an artist collective based in Jakarta.
The invited speakers will provide guidance and feedback to the participants for them to enrich the creative possibilities in their project proposals, as well as challenge themselves in producing critical yet playful art projects.

The selected cultural participants are:-
Cultural Participants
1Sherman Ong
Visual Artist/Filmmaker
2Eugene Foo
Academic Staff
3Dr. K. Azril
4Adrian Milang
Art Practitioner
5Afi Noor
6Charis Loke
7Ren Xin Lee
Dance Artist
8Lily Jamaludin
9Cheryl J. Hoffmann
10Lau Beh Chin
Artistic Director
11Haffendi Anuar
12Ali Alasri
13Tess Pang
14Ellen Lee
Project Manager/Curatorial Assistant
15Adriana Nordin Manan
16Nguyen-Hoang Quyen
Assistant Curator
17Nabilah Said
18Chloe Chotrani
19Hung M. Duong
Program Manager/Curator
20Chu Hao Pei
Research Assistant
  • DAY 1: 28 July, Sunday

    Arrival and check-in to hotel

  • DAY 2: 29 July, Monday – Giving Form to Stories
    Tutor:Jo Kukathas
    10.30AM – 12.30AM: Talk and Discussion: What are Stories? How Does One Give Them a Compelling Form?
    12.30PM – 2PM: Lunch
    2PM – 5PM: Workshop on clarifying participant’s creative project-in-development.

  • DAY 3: 30 July, Tuesday – The Preproom

    Tutors:Siddartha Perez and Kate Pocklington
    10AM – 12PM: Talk and discussion: Buaya [The Crocodile] – The Making of a non-Myth
    12PM – 1.30PM:  Lunch
    1.30PM – 5.30PM: Workshop: Creating a Preproom to Develop One’s Research with Others. Participants will also present their ideas during this session.

  • DAY 4: 31 July, Wednesday – Across Bodies of Water

    Tutors: Sugata Ray and Atreyee Gupta
    10AM – 12AM: Talk and Discussion: Scales of Time and Modes of Mobility in Art
    12PM – 1PM: Lunch
    1PM – 3.30PM: Reading against the archives, listening to objects, plotting new coordinates, re-centering different geographical alignments and subordinating imperial visions.
    4PM – 6PM: Islamic Arts Museum Tour with curator Syukri Shairir

  • DAY 5: 1 Aug, Thursday – An Anthropology of Collaboration
    Tutor: Kiven Strohm
    10AM – 12PM: Ethnography and Empathy: Creative Stakes and Moral Investment of Cross-disciplinary Collaboration
    12PM – 1PM: Lunch
    1PM – 3.30PM: Workshop on Recognising Labour in One’s Creative Project.
    4PM – 6PM: (facilitated together with Simon Soon) Sensing Kuala Lumpur’s Historical and Futuristic Faultlines: A Walking Observation

  • DAY 6: 2 Aug, Friday - Worlding the local: Seeing Connections Across Things

    Tutors: Cosmin Costinas and Inti Guerrero
    10.30AM – 1PM: Talk: The Entanglement of Art, Events, Things and Memories in telling stories about the World
    1PM – 2PM: Lunch
    2PM – 5.30PM: Workshop: Labouring Over Interconnected Narratives. Participants will have a final presentation of the new directions for their creative projects-in-development based on what they have learned over the course of the week.

  • DAY 7: 3 Aug, Saturday – A Public Symposium: ‘Outliers, Rogues, Fugitives and Artists: Mythologies and Futures’
    A free public Symposium of ‘A Country of Outliers’ featuring our invited speakers to address how an ‘aesthetic of translation and movement’ changes our understanding of ‘country’ as opposed to the nation or the state.
    The call for registration for the Symposium will be announced on our digital platforms a month before the date.

  • DAY 8: 4 Aug, Sunday
    Check-out and Departure

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