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Nori Abdullah hails from Syracuse University New York where she studied International Relations and Political/Economic Geography. She spent her formative years at the Institute for Strategic and International Studies as a member of the Director General’s office, and as part of a top research and analysis team for the Prime Minister’s office, and rapporteur for the National Brains Trust on Malaysia’s Knowledge-Based Economy initiative. She was then selected to join Noordin Sopiee & Associates in 2003 as the deputy head of the current affairs and politics division and in 2006, became its Executive Chairman. 

Nori is the chairman of Yayasan Budi Penyayang, an NGO working to break borders to human achievement, so every Malaysian can have dreams and see them come true. She is founding partner of KitaKita, a retail social enterprise aiming to celebrate and promote Malaysian crafts, artistry and design, and co-founding partner of Socado, a research-based boutique agency.

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I am interested in: 
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