May 2018 
  • Mobility Funding Clinic | Kuala Lumpur

    A funding programme which provides support to local artists to present high-quality works that express and enrich Malaysia's artistic diversity locally and abroad. 

  • International Advisory Panel Meeting 2018

    The International Advisory Panel members met in Kuala Lumpur to discuss on wider cultural policies as well as share and exchange knowledge on best practices. The advisory panel included members from the National Arts Council Singapore; Australian Council for the Arts; BEKRAF Indonesia; Thailand Creative & Design Centre and Creative Scotland. 

  • Arts Management Masterclasses 2018

    Facilitated by professionals from the Adelaide Festival Centre, CENDANA together with OzAsia Festival hosted the Arts Management Masterclasses, where you can broaden your knowledge and find out how to pitch your ideas, do marketing for the arts, manage grants or a fundraiser, and even how to produce a performance. 

  • Mobility Funding Clinic | Kota Kinabalu

    A funding programme conducted in Kota Kinabalu which provides support to local artists to present high-quality works that express and enrich Malaysia's artistic diversity locally and abroad. 

April 2018 

    This is a collaboration to provide opportunities for Malaysian Artists and the homegrown creative industry to be developed and exported worldwide, officially launching the Mobility Funding Programme.  

  • Mobility Funding Clinic | Ipoh

    A funding programme was conducted in Ipoh which provides support to local artists to present high-quality works that express and enrich Malaysia's artistic diversity locally and abroad. 

March 2018 

February 2018

  • KL as Cultural and Creative City Report

    CENDANA launched the KL as a Cultural & Creative City report that was commissioned in partnership with KKMM, Yayasan Hasanah, Yayasan Sime Darby, Think City, MyCreative Ventures, British Council Malaysia and was undertaken by a consortium comprising of My Performing Arts Agency, Frost & Sullivan Malaysia, and Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy. The report identifies five building blocks for the Kuala Lumpur Cultural and Creative Economy and further outlines key sectors in Malaysia’s arts scene, detailing the overview, challenges and opportunities, sharing case studies in addition to providing an overview what drives Malaysians to engage or consume the arts. Read more

  • Art in the City

    Art in The City is an outdoor art display initiative aimed to raise greater awareness on the Malaysian arts and culture landscape. A collection of artworks from the nation’s legendary artists in partnership with Balai Seni Negara and not forgetting grassroots artists will be made for the public to vote. The image of the top most-voted artworks will then be enlarged and displayed on top of buildings across Kuala Lumpur city.


    CENDANA’s support for the public arts programming and live acts at RIUH CNY includes the Art of Chinese Mask Changing, Traditional Chinese Handkerchief Dance by ASK Dance Company, as well as Chinese New Year Lion and Dragon dance performances.

  • APAM 2018

    In collaboration with MATRADE, 7 members of Malaysian delegation were introduced at the Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM) 2018 in Brisbane, Australia’s leading internationally focused industry event for contemporary performing arts. Read more about our home-grown delegation that promoted their artistry to build institutional and non-institutional networks within Asia Pacific and beyond.

January 2018


    CENDANA supports more public arts programming (live acts) at RIUH spanning from performing arts, visual arts and independent music and this time for RIUH NYE celebration.

  • Emerging Artist Incubation Funding Programme

    The Emerging Artist Incubation Funding Programme is part of CENDANA’s ‘Empowering the Communities’ strategic pillar to supports the creation, adaptation or re-development of distinctive artistic content for performing arts, visual arts and independent music, to expand the range of quality works that engage audiences in Malaysia and abroad. The funding programme is up to RM30,000 per application and covers direct expenses of the creation and developmental process.

  • CENDANA x RIUH Tropical Fiesta

    More live acts and public arts programming supported by CENDANA at RIUH Tropical Fiesta. This time our Founding CEO was there to help those who needs assistance in the application of the Emerging Artist Incubation Funding Programme.

December 2017

November 2017
October 2017
September 2017
  • Official launch of CENDANA

    CENDANA set up through MyCreative Ventures was given a seed allocation of RM20million to stimulate demand for the arts, empower communities and reorganise policies to spur the growth of the arts and culture industry. 

  • South East Asia Music Exchange 2017

    CENDANA supported SEAMEX 2017 in sponsorship. SEAMEX 2017 is the first dedicated marketplace for music education in Southeast Asia. 

  • Borak Arts Series 2017

    CENDANA supported the Borak Arts Series 2017 in sponsorship. It it the only regional performing arts conference in Southeast Asia (produced by Malaysia) that brings together artists, presenters, producers, intermediaries and funders, which also includes panel discussions, roundtable sessions, trade opportunities, networking platforms and performances. 

August 2017
July 2017
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