SECTOR ENGAGEMENT MANAGER - Performing Arts & Spaces

  1. Responsible for the overall success of the Sector Engagement, focus on building, empowering and enduring relationships with the local communities within the performing arts and small/medium and public spaces. This may include Government ministries or agencies, private organisations and companies, academic institutions and educational organisations, sector bodies, cultural institutions and any other relevant organisation or individuals.
  2. Encourage engagement communities which require strategic support to scale up.
  3. Support and monitoring of performance against funded organisations/artists business plan and funding agreement with the Grant Management team.
  4. Develop new ways, projects or initiatives in line with CENDANA's vision, mission and strategic priorities to deliver the best possible outcomes.
  5. Manage and report the budgets and deliverables.
  6. Work with other internal departments and colleagues to plan, execute, measure and report on projects or initiatives where necessary.
  7. Attending to necessary tasks in hand which may include expanding to the operational and strategic planning of the organisation.
  8. Handling and dealing with the reader/user complaints which includes the provision of explanations (if required) and updating the management of such matters.
  9. Ensure delivery of programmes is of high quality and meets agreed indicators of success.
  10. Attending to any other work designated to you by the CEO.


  1. Identify an assess training needs of communities to upskill through need analysis.
  2. Managing, facilitating and delivering high quality services and project outcomes to internal and external stakeholders in line with corporate strategies and objectives.
  3. Maintain contact list for project / sector specifics ensuring that they are updated quarterly.
  4. Collaborate with local and international institutions and package relevant capacity building programs.
  5. Develop, Deploy and Manage :
     a. Capacity building programs; b. Training materials.
  6. Conduct effective program session engagement.
  7. Monitor and evaluate training program’s effectiveness, success and ROI and produce report for the management.
  8. Prepare and disseminate key information about education programmes for effective marketing and communication internal stakeholders (for e.g. email, intranet) and external stakeholders using the full range of available media (social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
  9. Manage the project and programme budget to high quality and reduced financial risk.
  10. Support the wider development of programmes activities by working closely with the Sector Management team.
  11. Maintain a keen understanding of training trends, development and best practices.
  12. Implement training policies and procedures.


  1. Work with Governance and Risk Management team to ensure that the proposed SOPs are fair and robust. 
  2. Conduct Standard Briefing session to the respective evaluation panel(s) and grant beneficiaries 
  3. Perform functions of financial administration, grant application verification, claims & fund disbursement and reporting 
  4.  Monitor and Supervise the funded projects' progress according to the approved schedule/timeline and deliverables. 
  5. Attend to general correspondence, concerns and issues raised. 
  6. Perform general secretarial and clerical duties related to the grant projects 
  7. Maintain and update the Online Grant Management System with appointed vendor. 
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