As with most art forms, dance tends to negotiate a space between traditional and contemporary work. Kwang Tung Dance Company was established in 1980 with a focus on Chinese dance and folk dance, and they have since expanded to include Western forms as well. Aswara, the national academy of arts, has a strong dance program that encompasses different traditional and contemporary styles, and some of their select alumni form the award-winning ASK Dance Company. The Temple of Fine Arts and Sutra Dance Theatre are well established in Indian classical arts, and regularly put on performances and festivals. Malaysia is also home to its own unique form of butoh dance performances, originally from Japan. One of the early local pioneers of this dance form was choreographer Lena Ang, and it was later popularised by Nyoba Kan, which hosts the KL Butoh Fest.

The Damansara Performing Arts Centre is dedicated to raising the standard of dance in Malaysia via quality programming and education. They host the d'MOTION International Dance Festival every year and house the DPAC Dance Company who perform locally and tour internationally. In the outskirts of Selangor, Rimbun Dahan hosts noted dance residencies for practitioners, and various activities for audiences under their dance programme.

Dance enthusiasts should also take note of the MyDance Alliance community for frequent industry updates.

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