Malaysian Delegation to APAM 2018

CENDANA is pleased to introduce members of the Malaysian artists delegation to the Australian Performing Arts Market 2018 (APAM), Brisbane. Our delegates ranging from performance artists and playwright directors, to contemporary Malaysian gamelan ensemble and a group of multi-instrumentalists are excited to be here. Our delegations are looking forward to meet and network and therefore would like to encourage our international friends, festival directors and curators to come forward and connect with these artists while they promote their artistry. 

Malaysia's vibrant arts scene is set for a surge with the recent launch of the KL as a Cultural & Creative City Report, a baseline study of Kuala Lumpur's current culture & creative economy and a 5-year guide for Malaysia to create 125,000 jobs and enable the industries to account for 3% of Kuala Lumpur's GDP.

We have also recently launched our inaugural Emerging Artist Incubation Funding Programme and in coming March we will also be rolling out the Presentation and Mobility Funding Programme whereby the Malaysian Artists listed below will be supported swiftly under this initiative.

CENDANA is looking forward to facilitating these connections at APAM 2018 and would like to wish all practitioners a conducive and fruitful engagements.


Produced by : Rhythm in Bronze

When played in the royal courts of Southeast Asia, the sound of the gamelan has been likened to “moonlight and flowing water”, such is its elegance and sense of expansiveness. In 'Arus Gangsa', we revisit the connections between the acoustic qualities of the gamelan with the realm of Water and showcase the capacity of these ancient instruments for telling contemporary musical stories that are as nuanced, multifaceted and dynamic as the Water element.


Produced by : TerryandTheCuz

‘Flatland’ is a cutting-edge Contemporary Dance performance adapted from Flatland, the satirical novella by Edward A. Abbott. This adaptation of ‘Flatland’ was developed as a work in contemporary dance and used the ideas and imagery of the novella to allegorically dissect the cultural makeup of contemporary Malaysian society, as well as explore the intersection of its sensibilities and attitudes towards multiculturalism through the creative process, which fed into the creative outcome.


Produced by : Orang Orang Drum Theatre

'Hidup Ini Senget', literally means “life is crooked” in Malay. We live in a chaotic city and time passes by quickly without us realizing. Who am I and why am I living here? How can we tell the story if no one is slowing down to listen? Therefore, we carry the heavy memories of living until our lives become “senget”. The full-length performance include different parts: an old man, a citizen, and an unknown character.


Produced by : Main Theatre

'Ingatan' is a story about a son deciding to move out from his old house where he used to live with his late father. He used to nurse his dementia father who believes the wife is still alive. This performance using puppetry and iPad talks about a modern day gesture of remembering and forgetting.


Produced by : Main Theatre

'Langkau' was inspired by social phobia symptoms; a meta-theatre-ish performance that abstractly discusses issues on low self-esteem, struggles of meeting new people, being seen in public and overthinking on people’s perception. The dialogue and movements were arranged to challenge conventional theatre performance and language.


Produced by : Ombak-Ombak ArtStudio

'Moved By Padi' is a mixed media production that is best described as a creative act. It encompasses visuals, installations and music in an experiential site dance performance to be held at a site in the city, where a paddy plot is planted and installations are designed as an interactive exhibition.


Produced by : Pneumanarch Production

The site-specific composition of the Nusantara soundscape consisting angklung, guitar, woodwind, keyboard, synthesizer and vocal is accompanied by contemporary dance & body movements from the South-East Asia tradition. The show captivates the audience with calming tones of the Earth, the variation of human being emotions and the freedom of the animal kingdom; all packed into continuous 35 minutes of performance in an open public park


Produced by : Rhythm in Bronze

"Santai" means relaxed in Malay, which reflects the spirit of this concert. 'Santai with Rhythm in Bronze' is a gamelan show played in a music concert setting, and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor venues. The repertoire consists of Rhythm in Bronze’s collection of most-loved classics, with virtuosic gamelan playing, solo singing, group choral singing, and electric guitar. You will hear the influence of Malay asli singing, intricate Balinese interlocking patterns, African polyrhythms, and jazzy Western passages.


Produced by : TerryandTheCuz

Inspired by actual events, ‘SK!N’ by TerryandTheCuz redefines the theatrical experience, bringing audiences into the world of human tracking. Through visceral, achingly beautiful choreography, the despair and desperation of refugees’ mental and physical torture is laid bare – and you, as a participant, are fully immersed.


Produced by : Orang Orang Drum Theatre

This piece is inspired by the history of ancestors migrating southward in search for a way out, wishing to gain survival in foreign land. It depicts how people went through multitude of adversity and mishaps, and still kept an indomitable spirit of perseverance and determination, sailing across the sea to a foreign place; to start an unknown journey full of risks. This is a story about skin, blood, and the pursuit of a collective memory.


Produced by : Pentas Project Theatre Production

This is a multidisciplinary performance integrating photography, dance, music and theatre. Theatre director Loh Kok Man turns the photographic works into theatrical magic. Together with experimental music created by local composer Ng Chor Guan, choreographer Ming Low and Wong Jyh Shyong created new languages on stage, creating a performance where the east and the west meet, a performance that is contemporary but classical, strong but tender, quiet but agitating.


Produced by : TerryandTheCuz

In countries all over the world, very different people share the same dream: The American Dream. They don’t just want to live like Americans: they want to BE AMERICAN. After decades of absorbing American pop culture, two Malaysian screenwriters set out to write the perfect American film but which is it? The liberal-arthouse-movie which America needs or the white-saviour-summer-action blockbuster movie which it wants?


Produced by : Pentas Project Theatre Production

'The Swordfish, Then The Concubine' was written in 2005, by Malaysian playwright Kee Thuan Chye which was culled from the Malay Annals. The story takes o from an old covenant where the sons of God descend to the mortal world to trade for concubines. Both parties have agreed that descendants of God shall not oppress descendants of people, and descendants of people shall never be disloyal to descendants of God. For any party who breaches the covenant, shall be punished upon.

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