April 2018 Sponsorship Programme List of Beneficiaries

CENDANA’s Funding Programme: Sponsorship (“Programme”) is introduced to provide funds and financial assistance, in the form of sponsorship to individual(s), duly incorporated and registered companies, associations or societies in Malaysia.The Programme is a separate funding platform that complements CENDANA’s existing funding programmes like the Emerging Artists Incubation Funding Programme, Mobility Funding Programme and others. All sponsorships are assessed and awarded through a highly-competitive joint evaluation process by the Grant Manager, Sector Engagement Management Team, CEO and Industry Advisory Panel of CENDANA before being presented to the Group CEO, Chairman or Executive Advisory Committee for approval.

Project Title
Funding Amount (RM)
1Izzaty Khalit
The Venopian SolitudeThe Venopian Solitude - European TourEmpowering Malaysian independent musicians to develop new market in EuropeIndependent Music35,000
2Govin RubenTerryandTheCuzThicker Than Water - New York TourEnabling the first Malaysian company to perform off Broadway at the Public Theatre, New YorkPerforming Arts80,000
3Hui Min Damien Vincenzo LeowOrang-Orang Drum Theatre24 Festive Drums- China TourMalaysian Intangible Cultural Heritage, 24 Festive Drums : The Memories showcase at QuanZhou and ChoaZhou, China tourPerforming Arts15,000
4Lim Soon HengKL Shakespeare Players3rd Conference Asian Shakespeare AssociationNurturing KL Shakespeare Players as the go-to-educational Shakespeare group in the region via their attendance in the 3rd Conference Asian Shakespeare AssociationPerforming Arts
5Pat IbrahimPat Ibrahim Project EntertainmentDance Production - SERU!Enabling the development of SERU! - contemporary dance based on Malay traditional movementsPerforming Arts15,000
6(Professor) Tan Sooi Beng (Individual)Puppet Theatre Production - Penang MerdekaEmpowering the youth in Potehi glove puppet theatrePerforming Arts15,000
7Ong Beng AnnSherman OngHome In A Transit State - ExhibitionEnabling an immersive photography documentation of Afghan refugees in Malaysia who attempt to build a life as best as they can while waiting for the final 'home' countryVisual Arts12,000
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