Grants Manager

Job Description

Job Responsibilities :

1) Managing overall grant effort which includes

• Monitoring, review and filtering grant applications

• Processing applications for evaluations

• Obtaining Management’s approval

• Coordinating and obtaining relevant documents

• Documenting Payment

• Monitoring

• Preparing progress reports

2) Ensuring compliance of grant implementation according to Grant Standard Operating Procedure (SoP)

3) Conduct Standard Briefing session to the respective evaluation panel(s) and grant beneficiaries.

4) Perform functions of financial administration and reporting to include, but not limited to:

• Preparation and timely submission of grant applications and reports,

• Development and adjustment of associated budgets,

• Coordination of budgeted funds,

• Screening and processing requests for expenditures

• Ensuring the timely application for reimbursement

5) Monitor and Supervise the projects progress according to the approved schedule/timeline and deliverables:

• Assist in the processing of key documents such as claims, progress report, etc.

• Attend to general correspondence, concerns and issues raised.

• Conduct preliminary checking and third-party verification of grant beneficiaries claims

• Ensure all documentation required are in place

• Perform general secretarial and clerical duties related to the grant projects

6) Liaise with Legal department for projects which have breached the agreement.

7) Other matters that are deemed necessary and as when required.

Job Requirements :

• Excellent project management and organizational skills with experience in managing and supervising administrative  projects.

• Strong command over written and verbal communication

• Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills

• Ability to work within a team and perform in cross-functional team approach

• A multi-tasker with strong ability to work under pressure

• Ability to prioritize work, meet deadlines and produce quality results on time with attention to detail.

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