Programme Manager / Executive

Job Description

1. Responsible for the overall success of the Programme from planning, designing and proactively monitoring its progress, resolving issues and initiating appropriate corrective action plan.

2. CENDANA’s programmes focus on building, empowering and enduring relationships with the local communities within the performing arts, visual arts, independent music and crafts in small/medium and public spaces. This may include Government ministries or agencies, private organisations and companies, academic institutions and educational organisations, sector bodies, cultural institutions and any other relevant organisation or individuals.

3. Encourage engagement with communities which require strategic support to scale up.

4. Develop new ways, projects or initiatives in line with CENDANA's vision, mission and strategic priorities to deliver the best possible outcomes.

5. Manage and report the budgets and deliverables.

6. Work with other internal departments and colleagues to plan, execute, measure and report on projects or initiatives where necessary.

7. Attending to necessary tasks in hand which may include expanding to the operational and strategic planning of the organization.

8. Handling and dealing with the reader/user complaints which includes the provision of explanations (if required) and updating the management of such matters.

9. Ensure delivery of programmes is of high quality and meets agreed indicators of success.

10. Attending to any other work designated to you by the CEO.

Skills Required

• Excellent project management and organizational skills with experience in managing and supervising administrative projects.

• Strong command over written and verbal communication

• Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills

• Ability to work within a team and perform in cross-functional team approach

• A multi-tasker with strong ability to work under pressure

• Ability to prioritize work, meet deadlines and produce quality results on time with attention to detail.

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