CENDANA Announces its First Funding Programme For The Arts

Published on 1 December 2017

The Cultural Economy Development Agency (CENDANA) will be rolling out its first funding programme since its launch by the Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia in September with the Emerging Artist Incubation Funding Programme.

“As CENDANA is committed to building a vibrant, sustainable and ambitious cultural economy for Malaysia, it is committed to investing resources to three strategic pillars – energising the arts, empowering the communities and reorganising policies as a concerted effort to drive the vibrancy of the city and eventually derive economic benefits from such efforts. Malaysia’s current cultural economy contribution needs to be transformed into a more substantial contributor to the economy” said Izan Satrina, Founding CEO of CENDANA.

CENDANA’s ‘Empowering the Communities’ strategic pillar is aimed at increasing opportunities of success and quality of works of our Malaysian artists. As part of this strategic pillar, CENDANA now invites performing artists, visual artists and independent musicians to submit applications starting December 11, 2017 via www.cendana.com.my. The Emerging Artist Incubation Funding Programme will be awarding the successful applicants up to RM30,000 to support the creation, adaptation or re-development of their distinctive artistic content that engages audiences in Malaysia and abroad. The fund is to cover direct expenses of the artists’ creation and development process.

The three art sectors such as performing arts may encompass work of traditional and contemporary that include theater, dance and music; visual art would be of ceramic, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design or photography; and independent music – music which could be produced independently from major commercial record labels or their subsidiaries.

“Fair access to opportunities is a critical issue facing our arts communities today. Hence, via this funding programme, we hope it will stimulate artistic ambition in addition to providing artists the time and space for them to develop their work, engaging peers or participants and create lasting and meaningful stories/ music. CENDANA is motivated to have compelling Malaysian stories/ music that will have an appeal to the wider audience, and in the medium-term contribute to our economic objectives,” said Izan Satrina, Founding CEO of CENDANA.

CENDANA that was launched in September has since signed an MOU with South Australia to ensure ongoing cultural exchange of artistic performances and professional development between the two countries and is supporting various capacity building initiatives ranging from comedy to an accelerator programme with the US, in addition to supporting strategic cultural platforms like the Southeast Asia Music Education Exchange, inaugural KL Biennale and Gallery Weekend KL.

CENDANA had also hosted international festival directors and venue presenters during the regional performing arts conference Borak Arts Series and international art collectors during the opening week of the KL Biennale – all with the aim to bridge connections with our artists and their presentation of Malaysian arts.

More strategic efforts from CENDANA are in the pipeline with another funding programme crafted for presentation of Malaysian arts and to enable mobility to be announced in the near future.

CENDANA continues to build efforts for Malaysia to be home to a vibrant and inspiring cultural economy, and one that can be proudly shared with all Malaysians. For more information, log on to www.cendana.com.my

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