CENDANA Promotes Arts and Culture Destinations for the School Holidays with BAS KL

Published on 8 March 2018

In a concerted effort to encourage love for arts and culture in Malaysia, the Cultural Economy Development Agency (CENDANA) has launched ‘Bandar Aktiviti Seni Kuala Lumpur (BAS KL)’ at the National Art Gallery today. BAS KL is a school holiday campaign which urges families and high mobile individuals to escape to the arts during the upcoming school break that is set to run from 17 March to 1 April this year.

Shahira Ahmed Bazari, Managing Director of Hasanah Foundation and CENDANA EXCO Member who launched BAS KL commented that the campaign was an outcome from the recently launched Kuala Lumpur as a Cultural and Creative City Report to contribute towards nurturing the market in addition to creating cultural tourism.

“As part of our mission to build a vibrant, sustainable and ambitious cultural economy for Malaysia, we are incredibly pleased to launch the BAS KL campaign that serves to bring families together during the school break. By focusing on promoting the variety of cultural experiences in Kuala Lumpur, we want Malaysians to not only experience the wonder of the arts with their loved ones, but to also be proud of our local arts scene. We are also hoping that this instils a creative passion within young children and adults alike,” she said while launching BAS KL here today.

"BAS KL aims to increase attendance and consumption of the arts by amplifying exhibitions and activities with partnering venues that play host to the arts and cultural scene in Kuala Lumpur. The campaign is in line with CENDANA's Energising the Arts strategic pillar that aims to contribute to the sustainability of the arts and culture sector, but also towards building and positioning Kuala Lumpur as a cultural and creativity city. " said Izan Satrina, Founding CEO of CENDANA.

“As a country that is rich in arts and culture, it is important that we develop an initiative like this because many Malaysians seem to unaware of how much they can gain by immersing themselves in the local arts scene. Malaysia is historically known as the artistic centre of Southeast Asia, with galleries of beautiful paintings and sculptures, and well-regarded art spaces – but when was the last time you visited an art gallery or watched a contemporary arts performance?” she added.

Hit the streets to explore BAS KL
Malaysians who are keen to explore the BAS KL campaign can do so by obtaining a digital passport by scanning a QR code which can be found at any of the fourteen participating cultural attractions during the campaign period. Some of the cultural attractions include Ilham Gallery, Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Gallery, R!UH and Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre amongst others. The system will detect first-time users and prompt them to fill in their details and create a BAS KL account.

With the digital passport, visitors will receive a stamp at every participating cultural attraction. Two stamps entitle them to a free Tealive beverage, four stamps equal a KFC cash voucher of RM20, while five stamps places them in the running to win a two day one night stay at the stylish KL Journal Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

Bringing a touch of style and elegance to this campaign is award-winning actress and model Siti Saleha, who has been a mainstay in the entertainment industry ever since her star turn on the drama Nora Elena, where she played the titular character. When it comes to the arts, she believes that Malaysians need to take an active role in educating themselves on what Kuala Lumpur has to offer.

“As an actress, inspiration is key for me to do a good job which is why I always look to the arts scene in Kuala Lumpur – there’s just so much beauty and depth to it that I can’t help but feel inspired. I’m incredibly thrilled to have been chosen as an ambassador for this campaign and will work hard to encourage Malaysians to experience our arts culture and share with fans and friends what we have to offer. With so much that we have around us, it would be a shame to miss it,” she stated.

CENDANA and all participating partners are patrons of the arts and believe that there is much to soak in within Kuala Lumpur. With this campaign, they hope to bring the importance of arts and culture in Malaysia to the forefront and incentivise Malaysians to take the time to enjoy Malaysia's arts and culture.

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