KL is Getting a Facelift with Art In The City by CENDANA

Published on 1 March 2018

Kuala Lumpur: Art in The City is an outdoor art display initiative aimed to raise greater awareness on the Malaysian arts and culture landscape. A collection of artworks from the nation’s legendary artists in partnership with Balai Seni Negara and not forgetting grassroots artists will be made for the public to vote. The image of the top most-voted artworks will then be enlarged and displayed on top of buildings across Kuala Lumpur city.

As announced by the Minister of Communications and Multimedia, YB Dato’ Seri Salleh Said Keruak during the launch of the Kuala Lumpur as a Cultural and Creative City report, Art in The City aims to not only make the visual arts more accessible to the public, it also serves as a platform to promote and amplify works by independent artists that may not necessarily be known to the wider public.

KL city will not only have colourful visuals donning its skyscrapers, Art In The City’s programming also flows to the ground with activations such as mini-galleries in lobbies of participating buildings and organisations, art workshops for office employees, an art trail tour, plus street art murals and installations in collaboration with volunteer powerhouse, iM4U, to further strengthen positioning the image of KL as an upcoming cultural and creative destination. 

CENDANA is pleased to invite Malaysian visual artists to participate in giving the city the unique imagery that it deserves whilst promoting it as a cultural creative destination. Artworks can be in the form of a painting, photography and visual design that contain relevance to Malaysia in contributing diverse cultural expression and allowing engagement with the public by exposing differing perspectives or fosters increased understanding of the arts.

Proposed visual artworks submitted must be in high-resolution (300 dpi and above) to info@cendana.com.my by 9 March 2018. Artworks are to be accompanied by the name of the artist and artwork, narrative of the artwork and the artists are Malaysian or of Malaysian PR status. Up to 3 visual artworks can be submitted per artist.

Submitted artworks will then be shortlisted by the selection panel, followed by an online voting system by the public to determine which artworks are most suitable to be displayed on buildings in the city.

Other current strategic partners for Art in The City include Bursa Malaysia, Maybank Foundation and New Straits Times Press in response of our YAB Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak call to the private sector to work and collaborate with CENDANA in taking the creative and cultural economy to greater heights.

For more information regarding Art in The City, visit www.cendana.com.my.

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