Experience the transformation of Jalan Raja into a creative marketplace this 19 October from 5 – 11 pm to bring the historic landscape of Kuala Lumpur to life with surprises, feel-good moments and unforgettable experiences for the public. Lucky Pao Market is a gathering of artisans featuring local crafts creations, artworks as well as the best local music performances like Kyoto Protocol, Johny Comes Lately, Bihzhu, Nadir and many more, in addition to community activations. On top of that, it will be a feast of senses, which promises to transport you to the street markets of Malaysia with popular street food, delicacies and market stalls

Special screening for “I heART KL Video Competition” will also take place at the market where eight (8) entries have been selected to present an interesting narrative of what makes Kuala Lumpur unique through the lens of arts and culture. Winner of the video competition will be announced at the Lucky Pao Market.

Not to mention, Panggung Rakyat will be bringing Ronggeng, a traditional Malay dance that will surely give you an experience that you will never forget while you immerse yourself into the culture.

So join us! Experience yourself through arts and culture!

Admission is FREE. Don’t miss out this exciting event!

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