• 1. My page won't load.

    Some phones and browsers impose high security features that may prevent from accessing your location and sending you prompts. Configure your settings by following the instructions below according to your device:

  • 2. I don’t know how to redeem my rewards.

    Click on the “Redeem Reward” tab (in between Passport and Transaction History) and press the “Redeem Reward” button that will only pop-up once enough e-stamps are collected for the respective rewards.

  • 3. An incorrect venue was displayed when I scanned the QR code.
    Different telco providers and phone models have different accuracies ascertaining the GPS coordinates but the problem could also be a glitch in the URL tagged to the QR code. We will be happy to grant you an e-stamp manually. 

    1.  Take a picture or selfie at the QR code display.
    2.  Send the image to CENDANA Malaysia on either Facebook Messenger or Instagram Direct Message and let us know your e-mail address registered to BAS KL and the location that you are unable to collect the e-stamp from.
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