Arts Funders Symposium

The Malaysian platform for fundraising in the arts

The Arts Funders Symposium is dedicated to fundraising in the arts sector. It gathers corporate sponsors, philanthropists, foundations and professionals from arts organisations to engage in discourse and spark collective efforts that could support the arts in tandem with government-led initiatives and funding.

The program covers aspects of fundraising in the arts: from philanthropy and corporate sponsorship to government funding. The panel of local and international speakers also extends beyond the arts, to include high-profile leaders from both the public and private sectors.

The symposium may explore past and current issues such as:

  • How does one continue supporting the arts in an uncertain economic market?
  • How can we best engage with our boards and committees to get their buy-ins to support the arts?
  • How do we maintain shareholders’ interests whilst delivering societal impact?
  • What are the considerations in achieving the national agenda?
  • What are some existing initiatives done by the private and public sector in relations to the arts?

Log on to and see the up-to-date list of confirmed speakers. Secure your ticket early and join 200 participants from Malaysian arts organisations, sponsors, philanthropists and foundations to learn more about fundraising in the Arts.

Tentative Symposium Agenda

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